ROFA Pannier
Maverick 3

During our preparation and training for the first stage of the expedition,
we bought and packed every equipment and gear imaginable.
We thought that the more we have, the more prepared we are.
We were so wrong.

With every kilometer travelled, the more we learned what are the essentials,
What you must never buy in the first place,
What to leave behind,
And what you must never leave without.

My aluminium pannier is an extension of myself,
it is that little bit of home under whichever sky I may be riding, camping, or simply passing through.
It was when we started the Ring of Fire Adventure when we decided to innovate.
At that time we did not have the budget to order five sets or even one set of pannier from overseas.
Through trials and error, we departed for Stage 1 with our hand made pannier – which served the purpose, yet so much to improve.

As our journey continues, so does our innovation.
We never stop testing; in Indonesia every kilometer is a different character.

30.000 KM later…

After 4 years of effort, experience, and multiple of tests on the real world of adventure,
today we proudly launch our solid adventure pannier, the Maverick 3.
Made with incredible precision, using cutting edge technology, world-class machineries, and finally, a hand polished finish with true craftsmanship and passion.
The edges of the pannier are protected with a strong stainless steel to resist impact and to support heavy motorbike upon a drop.
The pannier sits on a teflon wrap that will break when hit by a frontal collision allowing the pannier to disengage from the motorcycle bracket, avoiding the motorcycle from being dragged.
An array of inner bag and special compartments is available to meet your personal needs, maximizing every inch of space.
Each part of the pannier is repairable and replaceable.
Like I said, it is that little bit of home under whichever sky you may be riding, camping, or simply passing through.

FOSTER jakarta1


Custom Options Available (subjected to additional cost):

  • Lazer cut detailing of your name or intials on the stainless steel frameLazer Cut Pannier


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