Ring of Fire Adventure is a Television Program that delivers a quality reality-documentary show, with subject matter that includes factual information on history, culture, traditions, natural beauty and humanitarian elements such as character building and social activities. The RoFA Television Program is delivered though the dimensional dynamics of a father and his children on motorcycles journeying across Indonesia.

The adventure lies within the journey of a father and his children sharing their passion of adventure,riding motorcycles across Indonesia on a mission to showcase the wonders, beauty, and the realities of the country we call home. The expedition on motorcycles allows the team to explore beyond the metropolitan expanse of popular tourist destinations to reveal the true colors of Indonesia, reaching inside the deep roots of the rainforests, the seeds of rice fields, summit of mountains, shores of beaches, and the heart of villages to show the true colors of Indonesia.

“The beauty of our history blankets over the archipelago and is seeded deep inside the tale of the locals; it will not be seen between the pages of textbooks, but in the pieces that makes the millions of faces forming the cells of every race that stretches from Sabang to Marauke. Through this documentary, I get to share my greatest love for Indonesia not only to my children, but to the rest of the world”. – Youk Tanzil

Indonesia has a lot of history that were often neglected by Indonesians themselves. For example, the general public knows that Charles Darwin discovered the biodiversity theory famously called evolution. Little do we know, Alfred Russell Wallace, a British naturalist who resides in Ternate, Maluku Indonesia, proposed the theory of evolution based on his findings, which he then shared with Charles Darwin and prompted Darwin to publish his own theory. Indonesia played a significant role in Wallace’s career as an anthropologist and biologist, yet we hear to so little of this.

Indonesia has an abundance of culture and traditions that are unique. Often religious practice juxtapose traditional beliefs, however in rural areas like Fatumnasi, Gunung Mutis, the head of the village is a devout Christian meanwhile he still honor the custom of his ancestors by praying to a rock each time before he set foot on the local mountain. This shows that it is possible for religion and ethnic traditions to live side by side peacefully.

As the locals share with us their tradition that has been passed through generations, we are deeply committed in giving back. Sharing is a custom embodied by the world; we believe that knowledge is the best gift we could share with those who are less fortunate, therefore we partnered with Andy Noya’s Kick Andy Foundation and Wahana Visi Indonesia which is a trusted partner of World Vision to help us raise awareness of such conditions and also provide the channel for which our viewers will be able to make a social contribution back to the community.

The Ring of Fire team consists of 5 off-road motorcycles and 2 support cars that are well-equipped with state-of-the-art communications devices and satellite technology that will facilitate conversations among vehicles, navigation throughout the journey, as well as live broadcast and video conferencing on developments of the expedition.


• To increase national & international understanding about Indonesia by showing  the “True colours of   Indonesia” from the eyes of an Indonesian;
• To produce a world-class reality documentary series that is valuable, tangible, and utilitarian for   Indonesia and the world;
• To educate all layers of society with quality information and encourage active learning through our TV   program;
• To ignite the spirit of young Indonesian generations to know their motherland better, and stimulate   local travel and discovery;
• To build a documentary film library all about Indonesia;
• To support the domestic and international tourism industry;
• To support and expand Indonesia’s adventure riding industry;
• In cooperation with International and National foundations, through community service, we aim to  increase the well-being and improve the lives of Indonesians in remote locations;
• To chart Indonesia on to the new world media;

We are Many We are One  Stop Bicara
We Are Many We Are IndONEsia

Helping young Indonesian generations to achieve harmony

by encouraging discussions of ‘similarity’ instead of ‘differences’ among cultures, beliefs, and backgrounds.

To remind the Indonesian public of the power of ONE, in joining together in becoming a better nation.


The Ring of Fire Adventure name comes from a globally recognized term:

“The Pacific Ring of Fire” – A chain of volcanoes that starts in Asia Pacific up to South America all the way to Indonesia that includes 75% of the world’s volcanoes.

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