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Ring of Fire Adventure is a Television Program that delivers a quality reality-documentary show, with subject matter that includes factual information on history, culture, traditions, natural beauty and humanitarian elements such as character building and social activities. The RoFA Television Program is delivered though the dimensional dynamics of a father and his children on motorcycles journeying across Indonesia.

Ring of Fire Adventure is an expedition carried out by a father and his children sharing their passion of adventure, riding motorcycles across Indonesia on a mission to showcase the wonders, beauty, and the realities of the country we call home. Our expedition on motorcycles will allow us to explore beyond the metropolitan expanse of popular tourist destinations to reveal the true colors of Indonesia, reaching inside the deep roots of the rainforests, the seeds of rice fields, summit of mountains, shores of beaches, and the heart of villages to show the true colors of Indonesia.

“The beauty of our history blankets over the archipelago and is seeded deep inside the tale of the locals; it will not be seen between the pages of textbooks, but in the pieces that makes the millions of faces forming the cells of every race that stretches from Sabang to Marauke. Through this documentary, I get to share my greatest love for Indonesia not only to my children, but to the rest of the world”. – Youk Tanzil

The aim of the expedition is to professionally document the true colors of Indonesia in three dimensions, from the point of view of a father Youk Tanzil (61), his daughters Esperanza Tanzil (33), Diva (24), and sons Banyu (35) and Giovanni Tanzil (21). The program that is delivered though the bond of one family, covers Indonesia’s culture, history, the people, and natural beauty, wrapped with the adventure of unknown encounters with roads that are barely on the map, and exotic traditions that is rapidly escaping the lives of younger generations Indonesians.

The ultimate goal is to produce a world-class reality-documentary that is valuable and utilitarian for Indonesia and the world. Not only to inspire, but to equip the younger Indonesian generations with quality and tangible information about the true colors of Indonesia.

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Partnering with leaders of the adventure industry, Ring of Fire Adventure produce and develops products for adventure and riding enthusiast


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